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Making Life Meaningful



Kushal Bharadwaj

Examples and analogy Dr. gives is wonderful. You can just understand it easily and you can relate yourself to it.

Final word, “These ……… hours will definitely alter our approach towards study and yield good results”.


Learnt how to tackle or defeat system in its own game.

Learnt new things about reading.

These secrets are really helpful in today’s education system.

Got  help in cracking competitive exams.

Helps in understanding human brain and also tells us how to control it in order to achieve our goals in life.


It was useful, worth.

I am planning to implement in all forms of learning.

I was introduced to new way of learning difficult topics easily, joyful.

I learnt that learning not only involves concentration, but also the correct posture and different modes to learn and remember things.


The program helped in getting an idea about how to learn things easily without any twisted things. New ways to learn a subject without much work. Makes study easier and also helped in getting some tricks about concentrating in studies. Makes it easier to remember.

U.Priyanka Suma, 2nd year B.E

Very efficient methods of study skills and helps in reducing stress and workload.

Bhushan, 2nd sem BBM

This class has and will definitely benefit me. I did not know about the questioning before study and will put everything to practice.

Arjun P

I liked this program very much. I gained a lot of knowledge, having fun. These secrets are the most important things in my life. I will apply these secrets in my life. I am really very thankful to you sir.

I really got a lot of benefits from you.

Divya Kumari K.P

Learnt many things ……………. from this session.

The way you put it is also very clear and informative and easy to understand.

Would like to attend these types of programs many more in future.

Girish V, CA final

Methods to study, way to recall and its importance.

Apoorva A, pursuing CA final

It helped me know how to keep myself concentrated and learnt posture is very much important to be observed while studying.

Sindhu K, student of CA final

It was a good interaction  …………………….……..

Learnt to be a professional student.

Thank you.

Prathibha M.V

I have understood the way we have to study. This workshop will improve my study habits. Thank you.

V. Udaya Kumar, Engineer

Contents are excellent.

Most information are absolutely new to me.

I am sure I can learn more in less time …………………………

Recalling what I learnt is a wonderful learning.

Niranjana K.R, working professional

->Program is very useful for even working professionals as well.

Megha Harish, class 12 commerce with history

->Excellent program!

->Will remember tips ………………………..

->Hopefully will be better able to retain knowledge.

Sanjana S

I think I have achieved learning about my weaknesses and now I know how to improvise in my academics.  

Rahul basu, class 10

It is a very good workshop. This will help me a lot in my studying style. I will apply the whole 59 methods from today itself. Thank you, sir. I learnt a lot.

Sumeru K.N, class 10 ICSE

It was more than what I had expected. It helped me in studying skill and will help me in my life also. It will help me in not forgetting what I have studied which is my main problem. It should be tried by everyone.

S Banu Priya, class 10 CBSE

Almost it solved my problem.

It was very useful for my studying.

It gave me lot of information.

Ashwin Bharadwaj M

Nice experience. Learnt how to study, remember things. Improvement shown instantaneously.  Helped a lot.

Subhodh K.N, class 8

The program helped me in my ways of studying, helped me in the topic of when to study and when not to study, how to keep a topic for a long time, organization of studying.

Varun Rao T.N, class 8

In this workshop I felt very nice to learn many things like managing time, 59 secrets to study and much more. I did not see the time passing on. I will help me in many ways to study.

Pratima Jagadeesh

Very useful tips.

The memory mapping ideas.

Reading techniques.

Clear idea about - habits we inculcate

                               - techniques that we can adapt

                                 - perceiving and adapting time.

Indrani M

The tips or methods in terms of 59 secrets are very useful to study and not getting bored of it.

All the secrets will make difficult task easy.

It will be useful to me to practice reading and studying.

Exercise of improving memory power is very required to me. I shall do this activity regularly.

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